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A Very 70’s Worcester Anniversary Session | Hannah + Brent |

This past November Hannah, Brent and I wandered around Worcester for their anniversary session! When I first put out into the universe that I wanted to start pushing my work further, really leaning into experimentation with a focus on quick fleeting moments, Hannah was my biggest supporter (and still is). She immediately signed her and her husband Brent up for a session, giving me total creative freedom.

These two currently live in Worcester, and I grew up there, so we knew we wouldn’t have to try very hard to find buildings that were stuck in the 70’s. With five very random cameras hanging off of me, including one I hadn’t touched in seven- something years… because why not, we ran through parking lots, ate hot dogs, and experimented our hearts out. I love these photos and am so thankful that I know amazing people who are willing to be part of my ever-evolving creative process!

a double exposure of a couplea couple sitting on the curb in front of a building a couple standing in front of a building looking into the distance a couple are standing in a parking lota couple stands in the distance overlooking worcester mass a couple is sitting in a parking lot holding hands a couple holding hands in black and whitea couple is laughing in a parking lot at coney island hot dogs a couple holding hands while running and laughinga couple is standing in a parking lot in worcester mass a couple standing in a parking lot looking off into the distancea couple is sitting in coney island hot dogs eating a couple eating hot dogs at coney islanda couple eating hot dogs at coney island

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