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Beyond her stunning photos, I appreciated her candor and down-to-earth personality and knew she was someone who would make us comfortable having never been in front of a camera before. I was nervous that I wouldn’t look natural in front of the camera or we would be asked to do silly poses, but she made it feel so natural and normal, similar to when you go to the dentist as a kid and walk out with a lollipop, bubblegum toothpaste and glove turkey balloon, and didn’t even realize you had your teeth cleaned! She is incredibly talented, but her ability to capture and engineer beautiful moments without you realizing it was one of the things we appreciated most looking back at our experience.

Gabby was such an incredible find-she is both artistic, professional, confident, and sweet. From the quality of her images, which captured our wedding day beautifully, to her prompt responses, everything was of the highest quality. I can’t say enough about how lovely the shots were that Gabby got, how many compliments we received on them, and how thankful I am to have found Gabby for our wedding photography, as she has perfected her craft, to the benefit of us all.

Matt and I just feel so super grateful to have found Gabby. She has now taken both maternity photos and family photos since Iris’s birth, and each and every one of them just feels like a little treasure that we get to have forever and pass down to our daughter. We both kind of detest having our photos taken and feel super unnatural at it, but Gabby made both experiences incredibly easy and pleasant and actually pretty fun, and you can tell in the photos because we amazingly just look like ourselves and not really awkward! She is spectacularly chill, and beyond talented with an impressive eye for light and composition, and is generally really creative with her work.

I cannot praise Gabby highly enough! She photographed my wedding earlier this summer and it was the most painless and lovely experience. She made us feel comfortable and at ease, and the process was so quick and FUN (my husband did not want to spend hours taking pictures). The results are unbelievable and we have gotten so many compliments on them. I love that so many of our guests were caught in candids having a great time, it felt like we were truly able to relive the day. She was responsive, positive and professional. Highly highly highly recommend Gabby!!

Gabby is the only person I trust at this point to capture my life's most pivotal moments. From my maternity photos, newborn, engagement and wedding.. Gabby has captured them all. Words fail me when it comes to accurately describing her photos, so I am going to choose the word magical. I am lightly obsessed. Don't believe me? Just come look at my house… it's basically a shrine to Gabby’s photos of my little family. It doesn't hurt that she's absolutely fabulous to work with either!

Born and raised in Massachusetts, I spend my free time creating wonky cups and bowls at my local ceramics studio, watering my 60+ house plants (2023 update: I've killed a lot of them), taking unflattering photos of my cat, and building a cabin in the woods of Maine. While I consider myself an artist first and foremost, I am the most at ease behind a camera. 

If you choose to work with me you're hiring a new pal who is committed to telling your story, however wonderful and a little weird it may be. I believe weddings aren't about hosting the "perfect" day or taking the perfect photo, but about human to human connection. Ordinary people, ordinary things, coming together for a split second to form something extraordinarily important.

I feel incredibly lucky to be able to work with such kick-ass, open-minded, non-traditional couples, families, and businesses every single day. The ones who do things a little different, carve their own path in life, and own it. I'd like to think that's a pretty good description of the way I do things too.

At Gabby Riggieri Photography, there is no discrimination against any kind of love or celebration. I welcome all clients who feel drawn to my work, regardless of race, disability, gender identity, sexual identity, religion, etc. Extravagant event or intimate event, overflowing florals or a bouquet picked from your backyard. All variations of a wedding day are beautiful, personal, and worthy of being documented.

gabby riggieri

most Couples can expect to spend between $10,000-$15,000 on wedding coverage. Film-only coverage is also available upon request.

I take a limited number of weddings every season to provide my couples with a thoughtful and meaningful experience. Please inquire further to discuss your plans!

Your inquiry is officially on its way! Please allow up to 72 hours for a response. Gabby