Super 8mm is perfectly imperfect. Shot entirely on reels of kodak film, this is an honest, unpolished, and endearing home-movie-like documentation of your wedding day. A gentle whirring of the camera can be heard when it is in use, with soft film grain and light leaks creating a nostalgic feeling that can’t be replicated with digital tools.

 Every film is truly unique and available in addition to your photography package.

No sound! Kind of the beauty of things. Super8 keeps it really simple. No mics to fuss around with throughout the day and no tripods to set up. Just a small little film camera and some major nostalgic vibes.

Does it record Sound?

I have a trained videography team member who shoots Super8 alongside me all day, and I do not take any time away from my job as your photographer to tend to the Super8 portion of your coverage.

We'd prefer not. This would end up being a “too many cooks in the kitchen” scenario, with too many people looking to stand in the same spot for the same shot, etc. And from an artistic standpoint it is really best to commit to one style of videography! 

can we have super8 and hire a videographer?

Who shoots our super8 video?

We have to send the film out for processing and scanning, and that can take a while. Please allow up to 16 weeks for the completion of your final film, though we always aim for sooner.

what is your turnaround time

3-5 minutes. Long enough to cover all of the fun, bold, bright, quiet, and soft moments of your day, but short enough to easily digest and watch over, and over, and over, and over (you get the gist).

how long is the video

We only use licensed and royalty free music (it’s a legal thing) and have access to thousands of these songs through a few different website sources. We always take into account the vibe of the wedding and the couple’s music taste when making selections.

can we choose our music?

Well, a good place to start is liking the look of it. It looks very different than a traditional digital wedding video. It will inherently have light leaks, little pieces of dust, film grain, a sprocket hole where the film winds within the camera, etc. If you are hoping for someone to plant a camera down and record audio of your speeches, or document your entire ceremony with vows from start to finish, you may want to go the more traditional route. If you are hoping for to capture the vibe of your day in a super candid, not fussy, analog manner, then this might just be for you.

How do we know this is for us?

Also - the video!!! We didn’t even realize how much a video would mean to us until we saw it. The footage, editing, & song choice was just perfect. We can not stop watching it. 

I’m crying! The shots, edits, and music is just perfect. This is something we will treasure forever. I can’t believe how lucky we were to have found you. Thank you a million times over for everything.

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