Hey guys, long time no see! It has been a really hectic couple of months to say the least. My business has been keeping me busier than ever and I’ve got a lot of catching up to do here… But first, check out this brand spankin’ new website I have!! Couldn’t have done it without the brilliant skills of Kelsey over at Pinegate Road. I am so¬†ecstatic about this finished product. It is just what I needed for that extra boost of confidence going into 2017. So for now, to welcome this new site into the world I am going to blog something completely different than normal.

Presenting: Iceland!

I traveled here this past June with my boyfriend and it was by far one of the coolest place I have ever been. From the mid-century design everywhere, to the glaciers and hot springs… this place was just something else. I photographed it all on fairly inexpensive film and really enjoy the gritty quality of it.

Happy Holidays guys!


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