Colorado Paint Mines | Toni and Anthony | Boston Wedding Photographer

This past November I embarked on a week long road trip with my good friend Lili to help her move out to Colorado, and I set up a shoot at the Paint Mines outside of Colorado Springs with Toni and Anthony! There is truly nothing like photographing people in a new landscape. New England, you are beautiful and all, but I want to travel new places with and explore with new people (if I made a New Year’s resolution list, this would have been on it).

Toni and Anthony were so gracious to meet me in the middle of nowhere at the most amazingly colorful display of nature I have seen in a long time! When scouring Instagram for inspiring places to shoot in Colorado, I stumbled upon this hidden gem. We got absolutely covered in chalk dust, but meeting these two, who coincidentally were on their way out of Colorado to move to California, was definitely worth it. Hopefully our paths cross again!

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