Both film and digital have their strengths during a wedding day. Digital provides speed, functions well in low-light situations and is great for fast moving kiddos and candids! Film however, is a completely different breed. By nature it makes you slow down to take an image, instead of snapping away on digital. Film images have an indescribable softness to them as well; it softens even the harshest of light, making images ethereal and romantic. Perfect for the slower, tender moments of a wedding day!


Absolutely. What you see on social media and in my portfolio is only a small snippet of a wedding day! I am happy to send along some full galleries via email.

Can i see a full wedding gallery?

Yes! You will receive high resolution, edited JPG images of your day with a personal print release. This means you are free to make prints on your own, however Gabby Riggieri Photography still owns the copyright.

Do we get digital files, even of the film?

I have been privileged to photograph weddings and engagements across the United States as well as in Europe. Weddings that include travel are quoted on a case by case basis taking into account things like airfare, accommodations, rental car, and taxi. My travel packages typically include three nights stay, which includes the evening of your wedding, the evening before your wedding, and the evening before that. I work in an extra free day prior to your wedding to leave room for any travel delays.

Do you travel?

Yes! Large weddings aren’t for everybody, I totally get it. I accept a small number of these each year and would love to chat with you about what you are planning! I am super in love with intimate gatherings and resonate with these deeply. My elopement packages begin at $2,450. 

Do you photograph Elopements?

I always aim to shoot with intentionality, and find my work resonates deeply with couples who are equally intentional about their weddings. Whether they are throwing a huge bash or an intimate dinner party, the details of their day are thoughtful, refined and creative. My couples value the editorial edge I bring when photographing their wedding, and trust me to capture the epic moments as well as the tiny ones. Mostly, I feel at home when I am outdoors. If you do too, well… there’s a good chance we will get along.

How can I tell if we are a good fit?

Photography, like any other profession, is a job that requires dedication and constant attention. In the age where everyone has a digital camera and a smart phone, it is easy to get lost in a sea of photographs. Professional photographers like myself have dedicated countless years to perfecting our craft and providing the highest quality experience and products for our clients. We own professional-grade equipment, attend workshops, are insured, and constantly push ourselves to grow and learn from our peers. Don’t be fooled by that uncle or cousin who has a nice camera! The experience that professionals have acquired in this industry should not be overlooked. I promise our services are worth investing in.

Why should I hire a professional?

Most couples can expect to spend between $5,500-$7,000 on wedding day coverage, and elopements begin at $2,450. Weddings that require travel are quoted on a case by case basis, so please inquire further to receive my Investment Guide or to discuss your elopement and travel plans!

are dressed to the nines but aren't afraid to get dirty


want to see the world together


value good food
great conversation
intimate dinners
and lots of wine



plan thoughtful, intentional wedding days but don't take themselves too seriously

start the party early and keep it going all night


bring their pets along for the ride!


I cannot praise Gabby highly enough! She photographed my wedding earlier this summer and it was the most painless and lovely experience. She made us feel comfortable and at ease, and the process was so quick and FUN. The results are unbelievable and we have gotten so many compliments on them. I love that so many of our guests were caught in candids having a great time. It felt like we were truly able to relive the day. She was responsive, positive and professional. Highly highly highly recommend Gabby!!

What is sitting on your coffee table right now? A few coasters? Maybe a glass of water? Your cat? How about adding a layflat, velvet album to the mix! That's right, I said it. Rich, tactile velvet. If velvet isn't your thing, I offer a variety of cover materials and colors to bring your album to life and make it uniquely you. But really, who doesn't like velvet?


Your wedding photos are so much more than files that live on a screen. I am proud to offer professionally printed, archival photos to get your memories off of the computer and on to your walls. My personal favorite is this gorgeous, matte, hand torn print! Crafted with care by hand, these prints look stunning mounted in shadow boxes or in floating glass frames.


Like what you see? Let's work together!